What does the "AA" in AA Consultant mean?

  • First meaning

    The first meaning is that it stands for A2A, ie All to All. The idea behind is that you don’t need to restrict the marketing segment if you can reach them all easily; also you don’t need to select any particular consultants’ segment if they all can perform the jobs well. Even, the consultant can be a large corporate.

  • Second meaning

    The second meaning is that our company got the AA grade people ready to serve our clients.

  • Third meaning

    The third meaning is that we can provide the services at Anywhere and Anytime, thanks to the Internet and our large pool of consultants (because some of them don’t sleep at night or they are working on the other side of the earth).

  • Fourth meaning

    The extra meaning is that we can potentially tackle All products and All services requests sooner or later.