What is Independent AA Consultant

The founder believes every industry has its own profession. Doing a task well is professional. Every industry should be respected equally.

All the Experts that work alongside us are treated as Professional Consultants, respecting the importance of each industry. The service they provide is known as “consulting”, that includes but not limited to accounting, engineering, cleaning, repairing, creating and baby-sitting…

The Serving Individual or Group is known as Independent AA Consultant (Short:〝AA Consultant〞). All the service providers are not employed by the company, they are solely working partners with us, hence the meaning of independence. We provide the platform, they provide goods and services. If anyone and any group ranging from an individual, group, starting businesses or even well-developed organization can provide premium service with a reasonable fee, they are more than welcome to become an AA Consultant.

After a successful match or completion of service, the Independent AA Consultant will be charged with a discussed fee without extra fee for the customers. Fulfilling all wins for the three separate parties, independent AA Consultant can find good customers effectively; the clients can find the best and most suitable services with ease.; and we can receive a substantial connecting fee to fund our company’s development.