AA Consultant™ Origin and History

About 20 years ago, the founder witnessed the burst of the internet bubble, it led to a lot of firms that operate on websites closing. Still, he believes in the potential of the internet, thinking that it was just because the websites weren’t ready to serve the customers’ interests. He believed that there would be a website that will make use of the internet’s true potential.

Back then, the founder noticed a trend. People are paranoid about finding suppliers and products for them, wasting a lot of time to find the right products and services. Home decoration, for example, people fear being scammed, the hired workers slacking, leading to poor results and schedule. They were willing to pay a reasonable price, there just wasn’t any method to find the right business.

On the other hand, the founder saw a lot of businesses serving premium services couldn’t find any orders. A lot of potential creators and workers couldn’t find the right way to express themselves and contributing to society. Aspiring entrepreneurs couldn’t find opportunities and chances.

The idea of the founder was that building a platform to connect any and every business with any and every business with smart matching, making efficient use of technology. Creating a win-win situation.

The founder aimed to change the way people search for services. Providing a way for customers to find reliable and premium services with ease to improve their quality of life from everyone from every industry to express themselves and contributing to society.

Due to the immature technology, network speed limit and the unpopular of digital tools, the original plan took longer to start as planned. A few years later, the rise and popularity of sharing economy services like Uber and Airbnb showed a bright future and pathway for the founder’s old written plan. He was also surprised by how the long-ago written plan books would actually be fulfilled by groups of creative technology experts.

Time flies, almost 10 years later, when the founder founded a toy store for his then 4 years son, he naturally put his concept and ideas for AA Consultant into his retail business. In a short period of time, a lot of creative and leading services are created one after another. This new and creative service had even been expanded in Beijing, our striking service was even adapted and referenced by a famous international firm.

Time flies, after another 10 years, it is the time where the whole world is under epidemic, the founder fears economy and society will be facing a great challenge, and thinks it is now the best time to realize his 20 years long dream with the help of well-developed technology, trusting deeply his AA Consultant service will create a 3 win situation for the providers and users.