AA Consultant™ Development Timeline


Dotcom bubble bursted

The idea behind AA Consultant™ precedes the launch of Airbnb, Uber, Foodpanda, Facebook…..


The domain AAConsultant.com is registered

First version of the business plan is finalized


Business based on concept AA Consultant™ was started in Hong Kong


Won the Most Innovative e-Commerce Award by eBay and Paypal


Our innovative business ideas were covered by over 20 different media


Minifigure Museum™ was built with the largest collection for the world to visit


Business extended beyond Hong Kong


One of the world's top 100 brand company adapted our innovative ideas in its services in Asia


AAConsultant.com was officially launched to offer products and services to all over the world


Universal bonus point system with true TaaS for the world is coming!

Early 2022

AI Catalog for collectors and fans, quick payment enabled in Blockchain network...

Late 2022

We are planning a revolutionary change for the internet. We can't tell you now but we can give you a hint. Think about what vital feature the world is now lacking. Our founder included Uber, Airbnb, Foodpanda and sharing economy in his written business plan a few years before they were actually established. Stay tuned! If our founder do not do it now, a lot of companies will start sounding like him, maybe five years later.