Advantages of buying LEGO® bricks by pay-by-weight [Part 1]

Parts Warehouse

“Pick a Brick” service has been popularized thanks to LEGO® stores around the world, it gives them the joy of expressing creativity freely to children and adults alike. One thing that can be improved on is the selection, LEGO® “Pick a Brick” service is limited by locations, supplies, and colors, which makes choosing bricks and expressing creativity more or less restricted. Therefore, providea improved “Pay-by-weight” assorted LEGO® bricks services, veterans and newcomers can all enjoy the freedom of creativity with Lego bricks of different types, different colors, different sizes, and even rare bricks or bricks which production has been stopped with our fast and convenient pricing method by grams with a competitive price. Our Pay-by-weight products bring the excitement of unlimited creativity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Order now on our online store and expand your “Creative Storage”.

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