AA Consultant™ Services

Welcome to the world of fun and innovative services offered by our inpendent AA Consultants and our team!

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Frequently asked questions

AA Consultant™ Services are services and products provided for our customers under our innovative AA Concepts. All our providers are treated as “Professional Consultants” no matter what their expertise are. In this category, innovative and unique services can be found.

There is no fee charged by us for customers consuming services provided by independent AA Consultant™. We only charge small percent fee for our fellow consultants. If the services are provided by us, of course we will direct charge for the customers.

Of course. But sometimes the services is location restricted. Different laws apply for different countries. If in doubt, please consult our team first.

You can check the information in About menu for depth introduction.

More than welcome, AA Consultant™ is designed to connect the world with great service providers and consumers. For further information, please read our materials within this site.


It is because some services needed to be consulted and evaluated first. Price will be not available here. To consume, customers please contact us first.

Please go to our Knowledge Base section for more information.

WHAT People say

"Never imagined such services can be found on the market"
"Advertised my service is much efficient and easier!"
"Everyone is a professional on their own expertise and talnet" - well said!
"I witnessed what win-win-win business model should be"
Hong kong
Cable Media
"I am willing to pay for opportunities to show my talents, surprisingly I got paid in return, Bravo model!"
Independent AA Consultant™
"It's unbelievable this original idea came years before the existence of Uber, Airbnb and sharing and community economy, unreal!"
"Creative really flourish here"
Financial Commentor